Red One Limited offers training to people wishing to tow, whether novice or experienced.

If you passed your car driving test after 1st January 1997 then you will not have group E (trailers) on your driving licence and you are severely restricted to the type of towing you can do.

We offer B+E training (car and trailer) to enable you to add the all-important group E to your licence.  We have a team of specially trained instructors who can guide you through the process of training and arranging a test.  This usually starts with an initial assessment, from which the trainer can indicate how many days training are likely to be required to reach test standard. Training is then charged by the day.

For those drivers who already have group E on their licence we also offer training.

If you want to concentrate on your reversing / manoeuvring skills, then one of our short courses (one hour, or one and a half hours) may suit. Taking place on our practice road circuit, we can help you to reverse in a straight line as well as round corners. Having completed your session, you are more than welcome to remain on the road circuit to put into further practice what you have been taught.

We can carry out training using our car and trailer or, if preferred, your own vehicle and trailer. Our trailer can also be used with your vehicle for any training that takes place exclusively on the practice road circuit.


Training Costs:

Towing Familiarisation - £57 per hour incl VAT

B+E Initial Assessment - £57 incl VAT

B+E Training - £57 per hour incl VAT

Please note that our training rate also applies on test day and will include our trainer accompanying you in our vehicle to the test centre, use of our vehicle during the test and return to Red One afterwards (allow minimum of 3 hours).