Older Drivers

For many older people in Devon, a driving licence is an important symbol of independence. Cars make it easier to go shopping, get to appointments, keep in touch with friends and attend social events - without having to rely on others. We are committed to helping people to retain their independent mobility whilst remaining safe on the road.


While some older drivers maybe able to continue driving well into their 80s and 90s it’s important for them to regularly assess their driving and make adjustments if necessary. Driving is a complicated task, requiring continuous concentration and good health. The ageing process can affect a range of skills essential to driving – including eyesight, memory, decision-making and reaction times.
Because this process is usually gradual, it can be difficult for the driver to notice and take action to address any potential problems.

We have two types of assessments available to assess drivers ability and also give them tips and training to enable them to stay safe on the roads for longer:-